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Professional website you can also promote yourself through Facebook, twitter etc with a link to your property


The website will translate ino 8 different languages to ensure that you reach the right person.


Your listing can include a full desription, Map, full details including size, rooms, Year Built and Amenities. You can also add 10 photos, a video of your property, Floor Plans and Virtual Tour (if you have them).


We also link to Yelp to display nearest restaurants, Education and Medical Centre.


Enquiries from buyers will come directly to you, saving you Estate Agent Commission.

8 Languages

Your property is easily translated into 8 different European Languages to ensure that you reach  the right person is translated into European Languages

Sell or Rent your Poperty Faster

With our reach across Europe you will sell you property faster on

Value For Money

Easy pricing structure

First Month Free!!!

10 Euros per 2 months thereafter for 1 property

30 Euros per 2 months therafter for upto 10 properties.

Cost Effective Marketing

Reach more people

Advertising your property or business for sale on will expand your audience throught Europe. It will allow you to send a professional link to potential buyers directly.

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